Creative Decking Designs to Consider

Creative Decking Designs to Consider

A backyard deck is a great place to hang out. However, they can be so much more. With today’s design possibilities, you can make your outdoor deck a statement that reflects your personal style. To do that, you need to know what options are available for modern decking designs.

First, what kind of deck do you want? Do you want a place to sit and look at a view, a multi-level place for entertaining, a deck for a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, or something else entirely? Knowing what you want to do with your deck can help you make your design decisions.

Once you know the size and shape of your deck then you want to think about how it looks. One of the first questions you need to consider is what material you want to use. Most decks are made of wood or synthetic wood materials. However, those are not the only types of materials available for decking. So, you need to look at materials and decide which ones you will use.

After you pick the materials, you need to look at colors. Sure, decks are traditionally in natural wood colors. That is a great neutral base. However, one of the modern twists on deck design is to use pops of color to make your deck stand out. Many people choose modern neutrals like dark blacks, beiges, or navies. However, your deck reflects your personality. You could choose bright colors instead. Of course, if you want brights you are going to limit your choice of materials. Most synthetic or composite materials will only be available in browns or grays.

What types of features do you want? While the base of your deck may be a wooden platform, you can dress it up. Do you want planters, flower boxes, built in benches, walls, or trellises? If so, we can build those into your decking project. We can also add lights, built in tables, water features, and more.

Most decks have wooden railings. However, you can change the shape and structure of the railings. You can also consider other types of railings. Aluminum gives you a classic look. Glass railings look modern and upscale. One popular twist is to use glass railings that are embedded with lights.

Do you want shade? If so, you can consider adding a pergola to your deck. Pergolas provide a canopy to cover your deck. You can make them solid or leave them open, planting vines that will grow and take over the pergola, providing natural shade.