How to Keep My Siding Looking New

Exterior siding is one of the most popular materials that homeowners prefer for the exterior of their homes. It is durable, beautiful, practical, and typically, homeowners can quickly recoup the costs of adding vinyl siding when they eventually decide to resell their homes. But, how do you keep it looking new? At All Weather Roofing, we have many secrets for achieving that fresh siding glow.

New build home with front porch and new landscaping.

Regularly Scheduled Thorough Cleaning

First and foremost, the most critical key to retaining the look of your new vinyl siding is to clean your exterior regularly. Most siding manufacturers advise that you carve out time to clean your exterior siding at least once per year. The more often you clean, the easier it will be to keep your gutters looking great. The longer you wait between cleaning times, the more grime will build up and accumulate on your home, making it much harder to clean up.

Maintenance gently cleaning the siding on a home.

Use Only Approved Cleaning Solutions

Did you know that some chemicals can do more harm to your vinyl finish than good? Most manufacturers can suggest a regulated cleaning solution to restore your sidings shine. If you desire something affordable or all-natural, consider composing your own solution by combining 70% water and 30% vinegar. That ratio should be just enough to give your exterior a nice clean look, and if you like fish and chips, the smell will make you happy as well.

Worn paint on house siding.

Be on the Lookout for Cracks or Breaks

Everybody knows that vinyl is durable, but it’s not bulletproof. Any fast-moving projectile can break or crack your home’s protective coating, so it’s super important to inspect your siding for imperfections constantly. Identifying cracks or breaks early on can be essential to keeping your home well protected and looking its best.

Power washing the siding of a home.

Hold Up on the Pressure Washer

If your siding is covered in severe mildew or gunk, then you might think it makes sense to use a power washer. However, it’s only suggested in extreme cases and only if the manufacturer of your vinyl indicates that it would be ok. Pressure washers aren’t usually recommended because sometimes the water from the washer can penetrate your walls and into your home, causing damage to the interior of your property. Furthermore, if you aren’t cautious while using the pressure washer, you could end up with a broken vinyl, a broken window, or even further damage to your property caused by too much pressure.

Although these four critical points can drastically help you restore the shine and clarity of your vinyl siding, the only natural way to recover your siding’s original state would be to book your free estimate with All Weather Roofing today! Save money and add value to your residential investment with our siding services! Unlike other residential siding companies, we care!