Five Ways to Keep Your Roof Cooler This Summer

Want to keep your house protected from the summer heat? It starts with your roof. After all, if your roof is attracting and trapping heat, it is going to make your house warmer. If your roof is cooler, your home will be cooler and easier to keep insulated.

Despite the fact that cooler roofs mean cooler homes, most roofs are dark. Dark-colored roofing can be much hotter than the surrounding air temperature. How hot? Would it surprise you to learn it can be up to 50 degrees hotter? That is around 50% hotter than the hottest summer days. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your roof cooler.

Attic Ventilation

If your roof is in good shape, then you do not want to replace it. Fortunately, you can cool your roof without replacing it. It starts in your attic. Your attic needs to be well insulated to keep heat out. However, it also needs to be well ventilated. Intake and exhaust vents pull in cool air and vent out hot air, which can reduce your attic temperature by several degrees.

Add Shade

Another thing to consider is adding shade. Obviously, planting trees that are tall enough to provide shade is very expensive. However, there are many trees that grow quickly and can provide shade within several years of planting them. The more shade you have, the cooler your home will be. Just ensure that you plant them far enough away from your home to protect your pipes and your foundation.

Lighter Roof

You can also change the color of your roof. When you re-roof your home, replace black asphalt shingles with lighter colored shingles. That can reduce surface temperatures by several degrees. Some people even recommend painting your shingles a lighter color. While it is possible, it is not always great for every roof, so consult with a roofing professional before taking this option.

Reflective Shingles

One of the best ways to keep your roof from getting too hot is by using reflective shingles or tiles. That might make you think of a tinfoil covered roof. However, reflective shingles are actually quite stylish. You can find different styles, which will complement the design of your home, improving your curb appeal while still cooling your roof.

Install Solar Panels

One of the best ways to cool your roof is to install solar panels. The panels cover your roof and use the sun’s energy as it hits. That not only produces electricity, but also provides shade for your roof. It is a win-win, especially with the current tax incentives available for residential solar purchasers.