Cedar Roofing

New Product – Cedar Roofing

Are you tired of your black asphalt shingles?

Is the aesthetic just not working for your rustic dream?

Do you not want to be like everyone else on your block?

Is your roof in need of a repair, and you’re just looking for something…different?

Look no further than our new product – cedar roofing!

Cedar Roofing Overview

Cedar roofing is an extremely aesthetic option for your roof. The light browns of cedar will give your home a brand-new, rustic look. It’s a look so old-timey, that it is impossible to recreate with other kinds of roofing tiles.

Cedar is a lightweight and environmentally friendly material, with great durability. Unfortunately, it is not going to be the most inexpensive option, but that doesn’t mean it lacks its perks.

But before you delve deeper into cedar roofing, you should consider the two different types of cedar roofing.

Cedar Shake

Cedar shake is the first type of cedar roofing. Its main difference is that the shake is not factory cut. Cedar shakes are split by hand, so each one will naturally come with a slight variation.

This might bring an important human touch to your cedar roofing, where the imperfections provide perfection. However it may create problems like gaps due to their non-uniformity.

Cedar Shingle

Cedar shingle is the other type of cedar roofing. Cedar shingles are factory cut like asphalt shingles are. This allows this type of cedar roof to come out more uniform, but this can reduce that rustic look that you were going for.

Sure, it might not be a huge difference, since you are already using the best material for a rustic appearance. However, between the two types of cedar roofing, cedar shakes will give you the better look.

Looking For Cedar Roofing in Central Jersey?

All Weather Roofing’s heart and soul are all about roofing. That’s why we started offering the material that offers the best heart and soul – cedar.

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We also provide much more than just roofing, we do siding, gutters, and decks, too! Check out our page about cedar roofing to see all the cedar roofing services we offer!