Reasons You Should Hire Professionals to Build Your Deck

When you add a deck to your home, you’re creating a space that’s all your own. A place for the family to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. That’s why you should consider hiring a professional contractor to help bring your backyard oasis to life. All Weather Roofing helps Farmingdale and Howell-based families build decks that will stand the test of time. Today, we’re sharing four reasons you should hire professional deck builders to help with your brand new patio.

Close up of deck and siding materials.

A Higher Quality Build

There are so many things to think about when building a luxury deck. If you’re not paying enough attention or your plan is missing measurements, you might end up with a deck that looks less than desirable and could be unsafe for use. When you hire All Weather Roofing’s experienced contractors to create your deck, you are guaranteed a professionally built deck that lasts for years to come. Our deck installations are structurally sound and add value to your residential investment.

an constructing wooden deck using power tools.

Faster Deck Construction

If you’re planning on building your deck, have you thought about who’s going to help you? If you think your friends are in, think again. All Weather Roofing not only builds quality decks, but we also build them faster too. A typical DIY build can take weeks to finish, but when you bring in our professionals, we can have your deck built in a matter of days, depending on the size of the job. We can also provide you with a no-cost estimate that includes price and build time as well.

Close-up of stairs and white railing leading onto deck.

Better Warranty Options

One of the most significant upsides to hiring a contractor to help build your deck is that it comes with warranties for the work completed. When you create a deck on your own, the only guarantee is that you count on some issues down the line. If something goes wrong with a deck constructed by professionals, you can usually count on that issue being dealt with in a prompt and professional manner.

Deck chairs and house plants placed on deck near railing.

Unlimited Design Options

It’s important to consider that when you build a deck by yourself, your options for design are severely limited. Unless you are fully trained in the art of deck construction, you’ll find yourself drawing a blank when it comes time to design your blueprints. Professional deck builders like All Weather Roofing have access to unlimited construction plans and can customize those plans to build you a deck you’ll love. No matter what material you want your patio to be made out of, we can build it!

Building a new deck for your home doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process that creates stress. When you hire All Weather Roofing, it doesn’t have to be! Our twelve years in the business speak for themselves. The experience we have allows us to make your deck dreams a reality. Contact us today to book your free deck installation estimate.