Common Roofing Issues and How Contractors Can Solve Them

Not every roofing issue means you need a new roof. A great roofing contractor can solve some common roofing issues without replacing the whole thing. We will discuss some of roofers’ most common issues and how we can handle them.

Roof Leaks

Leaks are one of the most noticeable roofing problems. Depending on the cause, we may be able to fix it with a simple repair. That is true if there are broken shingles or flashing. Of course, if you have multiple leaks, the problem may be more serious.


Broken or missing shingles can cause issues, as well. If you only have a few, we can just replace the shingles. In fact, shingle replacement is easy enough that many DIY people tackle it themselves.


The plastic or sheet metal on the roof that protects creases and seams is flashing. If the flashing gets cracked or loose, it can let water into your roof. That can lead to apparent leaks. It can also lead to moisture issues you cannot see unless you inspect the room. Often, we can just replace the flashing.

Clogged Downspouts

Many people do not think of gutters as part of the roof. However, they are essential to keep water from pooling on your roof. If your gutters are clogged with granules, that can be a sign that you need shingle replacement. We can check your shingles and advise whether you need to replace the whole roof. We can also check to see if your gutters have pools of stagnant water. Sometimes, you only need to fix your roof to clean your gutters.

Weather Damage

Any extreme weather can cause severe damage to your roof. We can inspect your roof after winter weather or any severe storms. Frequent inspections can help us detect and remedy problems before they lead to any damage.

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Some people avoid calling roofers because they fear the cost of repairs. The sooner you call us, the more affordable repairs will be, and the less damage you will have in the rest of your house due to these common roofing issues. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.