Cedar roofing is a type of wooden roofing primed to bring an aesthetic, rustic look to your home. Cedar is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and extremely durable.

Cedar’s shades of light brown will bring a dashing, new look to your home and your neighborhood. Cedar roofing can be installed in two types: cedar shake and cedar shingles.

Cedar Roofing Types

If you want less hassle and a more uniform product, then cedar shingles are the way to go. It will bring you the beautiful look you are looking for and will be easier to install and maintain. Since cedar shingles are factory-cut, there is also much less chance of a gap.

We mention the chance of a gap in cedar roofing because it’s more possible with cedar shake roofs, the other type of cedar roofs. Cedar shake is cut by hand, so each piece will be slightly different than the other.

However, this difference can bring much more character than the factory-cut cedar shingles. It’s best to have cedar shake roofing installed by a professional, like us, to make sure that no gaps or problems will occur with your roof.

Cedar Roofing Services

Cedar Roofing Installation

Naturally, installing cedar roofing is the main cedar roofing service we specialize in. We all know asphalt roofing covers almost every single house in this area of New Jersey, so cedar will really make your roof pop. Don’t forget that cedar as a material has plenty of benefits such as better energy efficiency, durability, and the look that is unmatched.

Cedar Roofing Repair

Once you have your cedar roof in, you can always come back to us for any problems. While cedar is a hardy and wonderful material, life still happens. Maybe the cedar shakes we installed warped due to extreme weather or some other force completely outside your or our control. Maybe you just need a professional inspection. Either way, we will make sure your cedar roof stands the test of time.

Cedar Roofing Treatment

In addition to repairs, treating your cedar roof will help maintain its lifespan, and your investment. Even though cedar is pretty resistant to moss, insects, and mold, adding on treatment will provide resistance to other fungi, fires, and more.

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