How Old Should a Roof Be Before Replacing?

Homeowner Tips When Considering a New Roof

Looking to get a new roof and need tips? The process can be intimidating. Knowing what to expect and what questions to ask can help you navigate it. So, we have put together this list of tips for a new roof. We recommend that you follow these suggestions, whether you choose us or another roofer to complete your project.

The first thing to consider is whether you need a new roof. Many people think a leak or damage to the roof means that you need to replace it. However, many roofs are designed to last 15+ years. You may just need a repair, but if you call the wrong roofer, they will recommend a replacement anyway. Here are some signs that you may need a new roof, not just a repair.

Worn shingles

If your roof is faded, the shingles cracked, cupped, or curled, or if you notice crystals from the shingles gathered on the ground after rain, your shingles are getting old. If you have multiple leaks, then you need to replace the roof. First, the leaks are a signal that your roof is getting damaged. Second, roofs weaken the other layers of the roof. You may also want to look around and see if your neighbors are getting new roofs. Your house is around the same age as the surrounding homes. Plus, you experience the same weather conditions. If all your neighbors are replacing their roofs, it is time to replace yours, as well. Finally, consider whether your roof has major damage. If you need repairs on more than 1/3 of your roof, then replacement is usually the better choice.

If you decide you need a new roof, you need to decide whether to add a layer or shingles or to tear off the shingles and start fresh. You can safely add a second shingle layer to many roofs. However, you cannot add a third. Plus, if your roof has extensive damage, you may need to replace the underlayment. The roofer really needs to look for sagging, leaking, and soft spots. They also need to check on the flashing. So, make sure the roofer really inspects the roof before they suggest adding shingles or doing a complete reroof.

If you are getting a whole new roof, you should expect the roofer to replace some of the underlayment. They will examine the decking for worn spots, sagging, leaks, mold, and other signs of damage. Then, they should replace those signs. You need to ask whether decking repair is included in their quote, and, if not, how much it will be to replace decking. Usually decking is replaced in sheets, so the roofer should be able to give you a per-sheet cost.

Finally, you want to find out the timeline. A roofing job usually only takes a few days, but weather can interfere with the performance of the job. You want to know when the roofer will be able to begin the job, how long they expect it to take to complete it, and what steps they will take if the job is interrupted.