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How Hurricanes Can Affect Your Roof

Although New Jersey is fortunate to be situated in such a spot geographically as to rarely take the full force of a hurricane, it isn’t altogether impossible for such storms to strike and wreak havoc on your roof. What is more common is for parts of a hurricane storm system to deliver a glancing blow, which can still deal plenty of damage. When these storms hit New Jersey, your roof will take most of the force of the impact, which usually means you’ll be in need of a trustworthy roofing company to repair the damage. That’s where All Weather Roofing steps in! These are just a few of the ways that severe tropical storms and hurricanes can potentially damage roofs across New Jersey so that you can be prepared for what to expect the next time a big storm blows your way.

Widespread Shingle Damage or Loss

The first part of your roof to experience damage during a severe storm is the materials that are used on the surface level — namely, your shingles. After a hurricane passes through, you should thoroughly inspect your roof for shingles that have become warped, curled, shifted, or have altogether become missing. When this happens to your shingles, it becomes very easy for moisture to collect under your shingle layer where it doesn’t belong, resulting in damage to your roof structure and the possibility for the formation of mold and mildew.

Damage From Uplift Forces

During severe wind storms and hurricanes, the most prominent damaging force comes from the incredibly strong wind forces. Excess wind can create strong uplift forces as they travel across the landscape and encounter an obstacle — your house. As these strong winds encounter your home, the wind can deliver strong upward forces around your eaves, which essentially behave like sails. This can easily cause widespread roof damage. Our professional roofers at All Weather Roofing can inspect your roof for damage caused by these strong upward forces following a severe weather event, ensuring that your roof is properly attached to your home’s main structure. Insufficient attachment can lead to roof failure in a particularly strong storm or hurricane.


Severe Hail Damage

Hurricanes are powerful storms that strike with more than just strong winds. You can also expect heavy rain, lightning, and hail. After experiencing heavy hail, you should inspect your roof for divots dotting your roof structure, which can be serious. What may appear to be minor structural damage on the surface level could actually signify much worse damage hiding below, so make sure that a roofing professional examines your roof after a severe hail event from a hurricane.

Roof Leaks

Any damage to your roof potentially opens up pathways for water to make an unwelcome entrance into your home structure. After a hurricane or severe storm, check your attic space and your ceilings for any signs of water damage. This can present itself as yellowish staining. If you find that water has been collecting in your roof structure and making its way into your home, it’s vital that you have that damage repaired immediately. This is especially true if more severe weather is predicted to be on the way, as continued exposure to moisture will only compound the damage to your home’s roof.

Detached Roof Components and Equipment

There are a lot of pieces of equipment that are commonly attached to rooftops that can become detached during a hurricane and cause damage. This includes things like antennas, satellite dishes, skylights, and ventilation points. It’s possible that these items can detach, ripping up parts of your roof and damaging other parts of your home as they come loose. Likewise, nearby structures and trees can impact your roof during these severe storms and cause significant damage.

Get Roof Repair and Replacement Services in New Jersey

Make sure your home is prepared to face the elements during a severe storm with a quality roof from All Weather Roofing. We specialize in premium roofs that are designed to handle the worst that nature can throw at them, including severe storms. If your roof has been damaged by wind, rain, hail, or anything else that can occur during a hurricane, contact All Weather Roofing in Farmingdale today! Schedule a roof assessment and get your quote for repair or replacement services from a roofing company that you can trust.