The Most Common Causes of Roof Damage and How to Prevent Them

Your roof protects your house, but what protects your roof? Ideally, the answer is you. While you cannot prevent all sources of potential damage to your roof, knowing the main risk factors for roof damage can help you prevent harm.

The biggest risk to your roof is the weather. You already know that storms, especially hail storms, can cause severe damage to your roof. So can high winds, high heat, freezing cold, heavy snow, and even heavy rainfall. Hail causes holes, which can let in water and moisture. Wind can cause your shingles to loosen or fall off, which exposes the decking underneath to potential water damage. Heat can lead to detached and crumbling shingles, letting in moisture.

Of course, the weather is entirely out of your control. However, you can pick the right roof. A local roofing company will know the weather conditions. They can help you choose the correct shingles for your climate conditions. Using suitable materials cannot prevent weather damage, but it can optimize how weather resistant your roof will be.

Another significant risk factor is improper installation. You may hear people talk about the importance of great shingles. While quality products are essential, proper installation is even more critical. Improperly installed flashing can let water under the shingles, leading to moisture damage and deterioration. So can failing to seal valleys or installing the shingles incorrectly properly. You want an experienced roofer who guarantees labor and materials to install the roof correctly.

Pests can cause severe issues for your roof. Rodents can gnaw at the roof; if they get inside, they can cause damage to your attic, walls, wiring, and more. Insects like termites and carpenter ants can eat the wood underlayment of your roof. Even birds can damage your roof. While they may seem cute, their waste is corrosive. Getting regular preventative pest control and addressing infestations as soon as you notice them can help extend the life of your roof.

The condition you control the most is maintenance. You should have a professional inspect your roof regularly. Many roofing companies offer complimentary inspections. They can address any issues and make any necessary repairs. That can help keep your roof in good condition, and The older your roof is, the more vulnerable it is to damage. As a roof gets older, it can get broken or missing shingles, holes or leaks in flashing and sealant, and problems with the gutters. When you start to experience problems, you need to consider the lifetime of your roof. A reputable roofing company can tell you whether to repair or replace the roof. Beware of companies with a reputation for pushing new roofs. Not all roofing issues mean you need replacement. However, you also do not want to continue paying for repairs when you need a new roof.

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