a roof receiving upgrades to be healthier

Roof Upgrades to Improve your Home’s Health

Roof upgrades may not be the first thing on your radar when improving your home’s health. But it should be high on that list.

It’s okay if you didn’t think about it because you don’t usually see your roof every single day. You probably only inspect it when you have to clean the gutters or when there is a problem. And while that’s not often enough for optimal roof health, it’s what most people do. So that’s okay, too.

Here are some roof upgrades for you to consider the next time you are on the roof inspecting your glorious shield against the elements.

Roof Upgrade 1 – New Gutters

Yes, for whatever reason, gutters may be the bane of your existence. So instead of having to kill yourself getting up there every now and then to clean out the sudden influx of mysteriously appearing orange leaves, why don’t you just get some new ones that are better?

Roof Upgrade 2 – Improve Insulation

Roofs are already designed to provide great insulation. But improving your insulation is a great roof upgrade and a great way to improve your home’s health. The EPA estimates that a house can save an estimated 15% on its heating and cooling bills with great insulation. This could also result in lower maintenance costs down the line since you won’t have to use the HVAC system as much with better insulation.

Roof Upgrade 3 – Improve Ventilation

Just about every house has vents on the roof that are there for ventilation. Many people don’t realize how well ventilation is for your home’s health and that you may be losing money and energy at these weak points. It’s easily noticeable when it’s summer or winter and you venture up into your attic. During those seasons it’s either muggier than a Louisiana swamp or colder than a Minnesota winter. One fun roof upgrade to improve ventilation that may not work for everyone is to create a rooftop deck!

Not Sure What Roof Upgrades to Do?

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