How to Stop a Roof Leak in The Rain

How to Stop a Roof Leak in The Rain

Stopping a roof leak in the rain can be a difficult experience. If your roof is aging, it might even be more dangerous than a usual walk on the roof. It’s best to get a professional to help you fix a roof leak in the rain, but some people are die-hard DIYers. Whether that’s you, or you’re just curious if you are able to fix the roof leak yourself, here’s a short guide on how to stop a roof leak in the rain.

Step 1 – Search for the Source

Simply put, if you don’t know where the roof leak is coming from, you will need some extra help. If you can confirm that it is indeed your roof, then you can go on further to find out how to fix the leak. To check that it’s your roof, check your gutters, check for any infestations or issues with HVAC as well as plumbing equipment. Also, be sure to check tiles and drywall near your roof and ceiling for damages caused by the leak from the rain.

Step 2 – Create Clearance

Now that you’ve found the place the leak is coming from, you can start thinking about repairs. Mop wherever you can under the leaky area and place buckets to gather the leaking water. Move appliances and furniture out of the way, if you can. If you can’t, cover them to keep them dry. You can use a see-through plastic material for covering them.

Step 3 – Apply Fixes

You’re now all set to stop a roof leak in the rain. One way is with roofing tar. It works best with removable tiles and you use the tar for sealing the roof leak. Another fix is to install new shingles. If you find shingles in poor condition – curling or missing – then you can simply install new ones and see if that will stop the roof leak.

Polyethylene (PE) plastic covers can also stop a roof leak. PE plastic works better for leaks that are harder to find and is more or less used to simply catch roof water. You may also want to consider sealing joints to fix your roof leak. Gaps can form in areas such as the chimney, and then rainwater gets in. By applying roof sealant or cement, you can fix smaller leaks before they get worse.

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